Easter in Sifnos Cyclades Greece

Easter, Spring and Fall in Sifnos

Sifnos is at its best in the Spring, the countryside has a multitude of different flavours, the colours and the fragrances of the wild flowers are innumerable. The houses and the paved alleys in all the villages are freshly whitewashed and lie dazzling in the sunshine as they are embraced by the surrounding rolling green hills.

If it is Springtime, it must also be Easter time and the churches of Sifnos attract large numbers of the islands faithful to its services. The religious emotion reaches a peak on Good Friday with the chants and the procession of Epitaph in the narrow alleyways. The joy of the Resurrection follows.

The housewives prepare all the traditional foods, Easter bread rolls in various shapes of animals and birds, decorated with red painted eggs. The Mastello – lamb cooked in the traditional earthenware pot, on a vine-twig grid, with local red wine and dill. The feast table is sure to include some home made Mizithra and Manoura cheese and the delicious honey-pie, a local pastry made of honey, skim-milk cheese and eggs. All this, combined with the warm hospitality that characterises the inhabitants of the island, creates the prerequisites for an unforgettable Easter in Sifnos.

After the bustling summer season, with a scorching hot sun that chars the countryside, the rhythm of life is gradually transformed back to normal. The harsh sunlight becomes softer through caressing breezes and the ambient temperatures that justify the characterisation of the mid-October as the Indian summer time. After the dryness of the summer, the first rainfalls resurrect the greenery, the shy cyclamen and the colourful anemones grow. The days are still warm and the air is fresh while the light has that special clarity which is ideal for for photographers.

During fall the local festivals begin and it’s also during this season that the island presents its true image, visitors to Sifnos enjoy something that the summer tourist can not even think of. With the summer rush over the visitor is served more comfortably, in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere and one other small consideration is that his or her vacation is more economical!