Kamares Port in Sifnos

Best 5 Beaches in Sifnos

Sifnos Beach Vroulidia

Vroulidia Beach

Vroulida Beach is a perfect off-the-beaten track pebble beach with pristine blue waters and a sandy sea floor. It is considered to be one of the most serene beaches in Sifnos. The bay is quite large, with plenty of space to find the perfect spot for sunbathing or relaxing under the shade of the straw umbrellas lined along the shoreline. At the beach you can find two restaurants serving refreshing beverages, delicious local food and fresh seafood!

To get there, you have to pass from Artemonas village and then head towards Heronissos, the northernmost village of the island. The short route is a wonderful chance to explore the northern and “wilder” part of the island with its purely cycladic rocky terrain and dramatic views of the Aegean sea and the nearby islands. A few kilometers after passing Artemonas you will have to follow the sign towards Vroulidia beach, leave behind you the main road and take the dirt-road that leads to this hidden gem. The dirt-road is relatively in good shape apart from the last part of it, whose high slope and narrowness makes the access a bit tricky. For that reason, it is highly recommended to park your vehicle a few hundred meters away from the beach and access the area by foot. Without doubt, the natural beauty and crystal clear waters of Vroulidia will worth your effort.

Chrispopigi Apokofto beach Sifnos

Apokofto beach

Apokofto beach, located on the south-eastern side of the island, is a beautiful sandy beach accompanied by a small rocky headland on the southern side where the monastery of Chrysopigi is built. Apokofto Beach is one of the more popular beaches in Sifnos that lies in a picturesque bay and a must-see in your quest to explore  the island.

You can easily access the bay with any type of car/scooter and you will easily find a parking spot in the free parking area next to the beach. From Apollonia, it is more or less a 15-minute drive following the road toward Platis Gialos. The last part of the route, while driving down the hills of Chrisopigi to reach the bay area, is very picturesque and without doubt you will make a few stops along the way to enjoy the astonishing panoramic views and take a few photos of the iconic monastery of Chrisopigi. Overall, Apokofto beach is a perfect choice to spend a day at the beach, as the crystal clear waters and the sandy shoreline will accommodate any activity you have in mind. You can recluse under a the shade of a tree and read you favorite book, play with your kids along the shore or go on a snorkeling adventure to explore the magical waters of the bay. Lastly, you will find two excellent restaurants at Apokofto, where you can taste local delicacies and enjoy your lunch while having this magical scenery unfolding under your feet.

Sifnos Beach Platis Yialos

Platis Gialos

One of the longest beaches in the Cyclades, Platy Yialos beach is long and sheltered with hotels and taverna’s in the area, which means it can get a bit crowded during late July and August. For sure, Platis Gialos is the most popular beach in the island, as the golden sand of its shoreline and its beautiful crystal waters are two of the many reasons that make this beach – a must – for your travel bucketlist.

The beach is located in the southern side of the island, easily accessible by car/scooter or by public transportation, approximately a 15-minutes drive from Apollonia. Without doubt, Platys Gialos is by far the most developed beach of the island, as plenty of seaside hotels, apartments and resorts together with beach-bars and restaurants create a vibrant and lively atmosphere across the coastline.

Sifnos Beach Vathi

Vathi Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Sifnos and Greece in general. Located on the southwestern side of the island, the picturesque beach of Vathi, with its golden coastline and turquoise waters is one of the most beautiful areas of Sinfos. The beach is easily accessible by car/scooter or by public transportation, approximately a 20-minutes drive from Apollonia. Along the seaside that extends for more than a kilometer, you will find plenty of bars and some of the finest restaurants in island.

Kamares beach Sifnos port

Kamares Beach

Located in the southern side of the island, Kamares beach is easily accessible by car/scooter or by public transportation, approximately a 10-minutes drive from Apollonia. Kamares is one of the best beaches on Sifnos, a long stretch of golden beach surrounded by beautiful mountains and shallow enough so you don’t have to worry about your kids. Don’t be put off by the fact that Kamares is also the port because Kamares beach has been awarded a “Blue Flag” for cleanliness and water purity.

Since Kamares is the main port of Sifnos, it tends to get quite busy as visitors arrive at the island or prepare for their departure. At the town of Kamares you will find colorful retail shops, cafes, restaurants and beach bars along the main street. It is also important to point out that as the bay is facing to the west, Kamares is arguably one of the best places in Sifnos to watch the sunset. For a unique and serene experience, drive to the monastery of St. Simeon (a 8km drive form the port) siting on the peak of the surrounding mountain, and enjoy marvelous panoramic views of the port below you and watch the sun approaching the horizon, dive into the colours of the sunset. Otherwise, you can always visit a seaside restaurant or a beach bar and enjoy the sunset while having dinner or a refreshing cocktail after a full day of exploring the island.

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